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Bridge of Life was created as a response to the urgent need for kidney dialysis in underserved communities around the world. People who have kidney failure must receive some form of renal replacement therapy (RRT) so their bodies may clear out fluids and toxins. The hard truth is that without a form of dialysis to take the place of normal kidney functions, people will die.

Bridge of Life provides a second chance at life for those who would otherwise not have access to kidney care and dialysis.

Those in need of dialysis assistance contact Bridge of Life and must complete a thorough application. Learn more here. Bridge of Life does not operate or fund clinics. Rather, Bridge of Life, with the help of our donors and volunteers, provides the equipment, start-up supplies, and training to empower the medical personnel in local clinics to provide kidney care services for the people within their country.

Our Medical Missions


Since 2006, Bridge of Life has completed 45 Medical Missions in 15 countries. We installed or repaired 257 dialysis machines. Our volunteers have helped to train more than 450 kidney care professionals including doctors, nurses, technicians, biomedical technicians. Ultimately, this means that Bridge of Life will help to increase the capacity of clinics to provide an estimated 147,000 treatments to over 1,400 patients per year.

View our Upcoming Missions.

View our Upcoming Missions.

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The Lives We Change

The Lives We Change

From patients and their families, to clinicians, technicians and care givers, to our partners and volunteers, click here to learn more about the lives we have helped to change.
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